Sno-gophers ski club 1965-2015

Welcome to the Sno-Gopher Website


 boxWelcome to the official Web site of the Chicago Sno-Gophers Ski Club. We are America's third oldest Black Ski Club. The Sno-Gophers Ski Club was founded in 1965. It is one of the largest Black ski clubs in the United States. The 2015- 2016 ski season continues its commitment to skiing, and to aspiring skiers of all ages. So you are invited to come out, bring your family and friends, and join in the fun, friendship and activities with the Chicago Sno-Gophers Ski Club.

about the sno-gophers

box In 1965 radio announcer Holmes “Daddy-O” Daylie organized the SKI FUN LEAGUE, (known today as the Sno-Gophers Ski Club).  The Sno-Gophers Ski Club was founded to provide opportunities for skiing enthusiasts who wanted to ski more regularly and less expensively.  The Sno-Gophers have traveled all over North America as well as Europe.  Because of the club's extensive skiing program and the skiing proficiency of its members, the Sno-Gophers Ski Club is recognized as one of the nation's leading ski organizations.  The Sno-Gophers Ski Club is one of the founding members of the (NBS) National Brotherhood of Skiers and is dedicated to promoting the sport of skiing within the African-American community.  The Sno-Gophers are also members of the Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council (CMSC)  This is a city wide organization of Ski Clubs in the Chicago area and suburbs.

Our program is not just limited to skiing.  The club's calendar of events include year-round activities such as biking, camping, picnics, rafting, roller skating, roller blading, tennis, horseback riding, outdoor concerts and a variety of other fun filled endeavors.  The intent of these efforts is to provide enjoyment and build camaraderie among members throughout the year as well as during the ski season.


Links National organization of black ski clubs formed to promote skiing amongst blacks and provide scholarships to youth who are training for the Olympics.