How to Charge the Damage to the Car?

          Traffic accidents happen very often. If you are an experienced and attentive vodacom does not mean that you are accidents can happen. You may not be to blame for the accident, but the other driver. In any case you should know what you should pay attention when paying for damage to your vehicle, and also what your rights are and which laws are responsible in this case.


If onsite miss some important things you may not be able to get compensation or will reach it in a much more difficult way. The key thing is to provide evidence of how the accident occurred.


They may be people who participated in the crash but also people who were nearby and saw the event. Witness statements may be used in the procedure damages with insurance companies.


Take pictures of the position of the vehicle after the accident. Damage to the vehicle as well as the essential elements for which the collision occurred.


When should Call the Police?

If the offender does not admit guilt should call the police. Both participants must describe the event (accident) and that the driver who made fortunes plead guilty and to bear the responsibility for the accident. Otherwise, they will not know who is responsible for the damage. If the culprit will not confess guilt remains clear you call the police to make an investigation.

The damage report

The next step is to go to the insurance company in which the insured car that caused the accident. The insurance company shall submit a formal request for compensation. Thereafter officer insurance companies should record the damage and record what is damaged. After that the right to estimate the damage.

insuranceThere are situations where the insurance company may not pay the full cost of some expensive repairs. The law stipulates that compensation cannot be greater than the value of the vehicle before the collision, minus the value of what was left after the collision. In other words, if the repair is unprofitable, then no insurance company is not obliged to pay for it (nor is it permitted), but is declared a total loss and paid the appropriate amount.

Auto accidents have become one of the most common personal injury cases worldwide. In the event that the car crash leads to serious injury, it is necessary to hire an experienced Personal injury attorney chicago who can effectively defend your case and communicate with the involved entities, such as insurance companies and treating doctors.